Sparkle 2CO EDD Payment – Usage Instructions

This document will walk you setup instructions for plugin – Sparkle 2CO EDD Payment.

Important Note:
Our plugin, is Add-on Easy Digital Downloads(EDD). To make our plugin work, you need have EDD installed and activated. This plugin as 2checkout payment gateway to EDD. Allow your customers to pay 2checkout your website. Our plugin supports Instant Payment Notification(IPN).

How to install the plugin?

  • Download the plugin zip file your purchase.
  • Unzip the plugin zip file.
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to plugin section and Click on ‘Add New’ sub menu.
  • Now click on ‘Upload plugin’. A file uploader field will appear. Click on choose file and select the plugin zip file.
  • After that click on ‘Install Now’ Button.
  • After successful plugin installation. Click on ‘Activate Plugin’, the plugin will activated.
  • After activating the plugin you will find plugin settings in Downloads>>Settings>>Payment Gateways>>2Checkout(Sparkle).

Gateway Selection
For 2checkout gateway selection go to Downloads>>Settings>>Payment Gateways>>General and there you will find an option 2Checkout(sparkle) to select.

Here you will be able to select the 2checkout payment gateway option for payment gateway.

Checkout Type: Please select the 2checkout type you want to use. The available 2checkout types are:

  • Standard Checkout: When this option is selected your customer will be taken to secure 2checkout website and allow them to insert their billing and shipping details along with payment details there. When payment is completed, your customer will be redirect back to your site’s order page.
  • Inline Checkout: When this option is selected your customers will be able to process their payment inside your website. The user will be allowed to enter their payment details in 2checkout secure inline popup box for payment. After successful payment they will be redirect back to your site’s order page.
    If you want to use both 2checkout standard and inline checkout you can use it and If you want to use 2checkout(any) as default gateway please select the 2checkout option in dropdown menu for default payment gateway option.

2Checkout Gateway Settings

Here you options to configure the required settings for 2checkout gateway to work properly.

  • Merchant Code(Required): Please enter your 2checkout merchant code here. You can find your merchant code here.
  • Secret Key(Required): Please enter your 2checkout secret key here. You can find your 2checkout Secret key from here
  • Buy Link Secret Word(Required): Please enter your 2checkout Buy Link Secret Word here. You can find your 2checkout buy link secret word here
  • 2Checkout – standard Radio button Label: Please enter custom 2checkout standard radio button label as per your need.
  • 2Checkout – inline Radio button Label: Please enter custom 2checkout inline radio button label as per your need.
  • IPN URL: In order for 2checkout to function completely, you must configure your 2checkout IPN settings. Visit Integrations > Webhooks & API > IPN Settings to configure them. IPN URL for your website will be available in section. Please copy and paste in the IPN settings of 2checkout.

Once again,
Thank you so much of purchasing plugin. As We said an beginning, We’d glad help have questions relating this plugin. No guarantees, but that best to assist. Have more general question relating to plugin on codecanyon, you might consider visiting there forums and asking your question in “Item Discussion” section.

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