2Checkout Payment Gateway for WooCommerce​

2Checkout Gateway Options – Inline

By using this payment option your user/customzer can pay without living your site it means our plugin add iframe that opens 2checkout payment form.

To use this option your website should have SSL certificate installed on your website.

2Checkout Gateway Options - Standard

While doing checkout using this option the customer will be redirect to 2checkout website for payment and after the payment completed it’s back to your order confirmation page.

You site can be HTTP without SSL certificate installed as payment are processed on the secure 2checkout website.

Both Inline and Standard

Our plugin allow you to use both standard and inline checkout option for your checkout page so that users get the flexibility to chose any option for payment.

This will be useful for user to use the 2Checkout gateway as per their choice.

More Features

By using our plugin you can easily integrate with the WooCommerce Payment gateway.

Supports Both Digital and Physical Products

Our Payment gateway supports both physical and digital products.

Supports WooCommerce Shortcode

Our plugin 2checkout payment gateway works with WooCommerce shortcodes.

Integration of New 2Checkout API v6.

we have used the Latest 2checkout API v6.0.

2checkout IPN Ready.

We are using 2checkout IPN response for the automatic processing of the payment

Custom 2Checkout Label

Use your custom checkout radio button text as per your need.

2Checkout Custom Icons

You can select 2checkout from preavailable icons

Easy Integration with WooCommerce

You can easily integrate 2checkout gateway.

Use of 2Pay.js for inline payment.

For the inline integration we have used the 2checkout's 2pay.js

Custom Gateway label and description

Easily modify the 2eheckout gateway label and description.