2Checkout Digital Payment this cutting-edge add on WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download. Our state these art, plugin integrates superior WooCommerce technology for making easy and secure payments your fingertips. At 2Checkout, we accept Credit Cards, Master Cards, and it PayPal for users across the globe!
2Checkout Digital Payment -WooCommerce & Digital Payment

Hows Online Payment Works?

Our Sparkle 2Checkout Digital Payment Gateway system is another champ that will transform the way the payment system works! It is going to be super-fast!

Create Account

Create a 2Checkout account with your business information is easier than you think! Just try it! You will love it.


Configure 2CO Digital Payment Gateway settings.


You are all set to receive any payment anytime from any location using any platform or Credit Card, Master Card, and PayPal. It is simply wow!

Core Feature

We help you extend your payment gateway limit while accepting payments from PayPal, Credit Card, and Master Card from around the world.

Inline Payment

Our Inline Checkout service acts as Iframe, at helps redirects, your valued customers, to secure 2checkout page, as payments process smoothly and effortlessly. Since to deliver, these best you business, thus we made sure that plugin, has you and your users want.

After successful payment will redirect back your site order page.

Standard Payment

With our standard payments, our system automatically redirects your users to a secure 2Checkout website. They need to input details such as billing & shipping. Boom! That is all; we need to make a secure payment.

Once a successful payment is digitally processed, our plugin safely redirects your users back to their site.

2 Checkout IPN And INS Ready

We developed our plugin using 2checkout’s auto processing system for the original payments. We use Instant Notification Service (INS) to automate order management operations. This system automatically processes your order status based on the webhooks quality.

New 2Checkout API v6

Using our services, you will save your valuable and most crucial time, which is the best value in today’s world! Therefore, our plugin uses 2checkout’s latest “API version 6” to improve payment processing and order status quality.

Easy Integration of 2checkout Payment

Our 2checkout digital payment is not only a plugin but a real-time digital solution that enables an offhand way to checkout. Our team works day in day out to bring the best of WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

We offer a simple yet secure solution that works for all!

  • Install plugin
  • Activate plugin
  • Configure your information
  • Ready for checkout

Easy Customization of Payment Gateway Name and Icons

We have developed our plugin with usability goals in mind. Because we know, quality is the only investment that works in the long run. Therefore, we customize the payment gateway name and icons as per your need, readily available from the payment configuration page.

User Friendly

We can highly relate to the burden of having to deal with poorly designed UIs. Therefore, our team developed a 2checkout plugin positively acknowledging user experience. It is simple, easy-to-use, highly responsive, and can work on any platform.

Checkout Demos Before you purchase.

Our Highlighted Features

Do you want to increase your sales without any line of code? Check out our highlighted features below!

WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download

Our plugin is highly compatible with WooCommerce & EDD plugin(s). Why? Because we want the best user experience possible for you!

Customize Checkout Radio Button

This feature allows you to customize the checkout radio button label anytime!

12/7 Support

We have a dedicated team looking forward to hearing from you! We are ready to support you during our office time. You can directly connect with the live support feature or an email.

Checkout Options

Can do both inline and standard checkout options!

Instant Payment

Our 2checkout Payment Integration supports instant payment and beyond!

Friendly Document

We will be happier to share all the steps about the configuration of plugins! It is all about your convenience!

PayPal Direct

Can directly send and receive payment easily through PayPal Gateway.

Auto Order Status

Will get automatic order status like completed or pending orders updates.

Regular Updates

Your will get regular updates so new features known automatically.

Instant Download

You will get all your download instantly very easily.

Accept Credit Cards

Can accept direct payment too like Credit Cared, Master Card and Debit Card etc.

No technical skills needed.

Can make all setup without having any technical skills .


Live Chat

By Email